A performance night in Bradford, celebrating and encouraging creativity of all kinds. Just grab a beer and enjoy the show, or get up and have a go. It's all good.

Cue sound of hollow laughter. Jam 4 will not happen later in the year. It's the 31st December. It's New Years Eve everybody! And we haven't been near a live venue for nine months. Nine months! Thank frick we'd only just started. Thank frick we had delays that meant the publicity wasn't printed up, so we'd spent nothing really. All around us we're seeing people who have sunk years into their projects drowning, and in some cases drowned. It's been a heartbreaking year. We're one of the luckier ones.

In the meantime we've got open classes on Zoom and a group on Facebook. If you can deal with Facebook then get involved.

poets ♦ musicians ♦ actors ♦ storytellers ♦ writers ♦ improvisors ♦ comedians ♦ singers ♦ magicians ♦ jugglers


Jam 4 is coming. Thursday 2nd April 2020, 8pm
at the Peacock Bar North Parade Bradford
Bucket Show. Pay as you feel at the end.

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